Help us get there!

We need your help! Ashana Bigard and Derek Roguski have been invited to facilitate an “Anti-Oppression Dialogue” at the 20th annual Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. This conference is going to filled with folks who do resonant work around the world using the power of theatre and popular education. Help us get there!
Attending and presenting at this conference is a powerful opportunity for us to gather strategies and make connections withpotential allies, as well as share our stories and strategies with others. Read more about our project here.
Profit-oriented reformers are hoping to implement the “New Orleans model” wherever they can. Next school year the Recovery School District will be the first completely chartered district in the country. Not only are the boards of these charters privately appointed and therefore utterly undemocratic, but most are still D and F schools with terrible retention rates almost ten years post-Katrina! See this video for more background.  
As members of this community we feel called to warn other communities (and misguided education reformers) across the country that the “New Orleans model” has not brought about education excellence or equity. It has restructured our school district to make it more profitable for a few at the expense of poor and communities of color. (This is not just happening in New Orleans by the way.) Learn more in education scholar and MacArthur fellow, Lisa Delpit’s book “Multiplication is for White People: Raising Expectations for Other People’s Children”.
Last year, our organization, the Community Education Project of New Orleans, contributed to a report authored collaboratively by community organizations and researchers. The report, “New Orleans Education Reform: a Guide to Cities or a Warning to Communities?” was published in the Berkeley Review of Education. We have also hosted conferences inviting our community to come together to demand education justice in New Orleans and beyond. Now it’s time for us to carry this message onward, to our fellow liberation-oriented educators from around the world at the 20th Annual Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference.
But we can’t bring the stories of New Orleans education injustice and the beautiful struggle against it to this international gathering of potential allies without your support! Please join us in this work by donating and sharing with folks in your network! 
Thank you!
Derek and Ashana